Levitator Sofa Set in Blue Colour By Glue Well

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Millennial or not, you're going to love this on-trend pink velvet Beverly tuxedo sofa or loveseat by iNSPIRE Q Bold. A tight back design on a very square shape is softened with supple fabric, button tufting, and matching cylinder accent pillows. Introduce the style-forward furniture to your living room, office, or den for instant glam points and a perfect place to relax.



  • 1. Excellent household furniture part in small space: sofas and sofas under 100 inches include: 1 x 2 seat sofa, 1 x 3 seat sofa.
  • 2. Rugged and durable: Eucalyptus wood frame and strong rubber wood feet enable the living room sofa cover to support a maximum weight of 600 pounds.
  • 3. Suitable for any decoration style: exquisite fine linen material, simple modern style and classic color, all suitable for any decoration style.
  • 4. Easy to assemble: All parts can be assembled together in only 20 minutes. Includes instructions and tools.
  • 5. Note: Before placing an order for this sofa and sofa combination, please make sure that your delivery address and phone number are correct. The carrier will call you to confirm the specific delivery time, and someone needs to sign. In addition, our freight is "self-service", only roadside delivery, no lift doors. See the shipping policy for more details. thank you very much!

  • 1. Weight: 2 position 60.6LBS 3 position 72.7LBS
  • 2. Easy to assemble
  • 3. Rugged

  • Dimensions and weight:


  • Dimensions 2 digits 57.5 inches long x 27.6 inches wide x 35.58 inches high
  • 3 digits 73.3 inches long x 27.6 inches wide x 35.5 inches high
  • Please refer to the picture for detailed dimensions.
  • Packing size 2 digits 53" long x 26" wide x 18.3" high
  • 3 digits 62.2" long x 26" wide x 18.3" high
  • Total weight 60.6 pounds for 2 digits 72.7 lbs for 3 digits
  • Package weight 63 lbs for 2 digits 80 lbs for 3 digits
  • Weight capacity 600 pounds
  • Product name Sofa and sofa
  • Material Surface: Polyester fabric + SPU
  • Interior: sponge + raw cotton + spring
  • Frame: Press wood + foam + rubber wood feet

    ➼ Accessories shown in the image are only for representation and are not part of the product.
    ➼ Depending on your screen settings and resolution on your device there may be a slight variance in fabric color and wood polish of the image and actual product.
    ➼ Wood grains will vary from product to product in case of solid wood furniture.
    ➼ Furniture having intricate hand-painted details are individual unique pieces and may have slight distinctions and variance between the picture and actual product.
    ➼ The Primary material is the main material used to manufacture the product and in addition to the primary material there might also be other type of materials used in the manufacturing of the product

    ➼ Always use coasters or mats while keeping hot, cold or wet materials on the surface else this can affect the polish.

    ➼ Any spillage should be wiped dry with a soft cloth immediately as there is a chance of staining.

    ➼ Any cleaning needs to be done with water only.

    ➼ For an ageless look of the product, we recommend a 6 monthly wax rub-down for solid-wood furniture. Wood wax is easily available in online stores & local hardware stores.

    ➼ Colour / polish can fade due to prolonged exposure to sunlight.

    ➼ Avoid sitting on the arms of the sofas and chairs as it exerts excess pressure and can cause premature wear and distortion of the padding and fabric.

    ➼ All fabrics snag easily and can be damaged by sharp edged toys, buckles, jewellery and domestic pets. Snags, when they do occur, should be trimmed using scissors. Under no circumstances should you attempt to pull it out.

    ➼ Direct sunlight over a prolonged period of time can cause fading and/or deterioration of fabric. When planning your room, arrange your furniture so that it is protected from sunlight. 

    ➼ Clean your upholstery at least once a week with a soft brush or vacuum cleaner as accumulated dirt will accelerate wear and dull the colours. It is advisable to have your furniture cleaned regularly by professional upholstery cleaner as different fibres and fabric constructions require special treatment.

    ➼ Loose fitted sofa covers and cushions may be removed and given for professional dry cleaning as required.

    ➼ Strictly avoid using bleach when washing your upholstery.

    ➼ Severe spills and stains should only be removed by professional upholstery cleaners.

    What is covered under this warranty?

    • Manufacturing defects in material

    • Improper workmanship

    • Termites & Fungus

    • Colour Fading if not subjected directly to sunlight

    • Product Failure

    What is not covered under this warranty?

    Damage due to misuse, tampering , abuse , fire, Natural calmity.

    • Scratches ,rips etc.

    • Negligence ,unauthorised usage

    • Shifting of Furniture without dismantling it.

    Note: The company has the right to rework/repair/replace only defective part of the product.

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