Blissfull Home

There is a melodious jazz album by Pianist Kenny Drew –Home is Where the Soul is, by this we get reminded of the fact that in general homes are like containers, made to hold people and possessions.

Since the soul is an essence of a human body, the furniture is of the home. So far so good, we cannot deny the importance of furniture in one’s life.

It is symbolic representation of people living in a home that connects a being and creates a sense of belongingness to that place.

D O E S Y O U R H O M E H A S A S O U L ?

Each one of us wants a home with interactive and lively furniture that takes away all the attention and completes the interior décor.

Furniture is a boon to us in contemporary world that makes our life trouble-free and comfortable.

In this modern era of condominium life and society living where every home is undifferential from outside, so as to make it unique as per our taste, we incorporate wooden pieces that we call furniture and for a mark of class- some contemporary art decor that adds sheer elegance to the living area.

Its human tendency to always have more than needed. Very few among us would agree to living a life with just hand full of furniture and appliances, even if it's an efficiency apartment, bachelor's want everything and anything that a fully furnished apartment would have where a complete family resides. Nobody wants to compromise on comfort that a cozy bed could give them or may be a high back chair.

From handcrafted to moulded, from wood to plastic, from fabric to leather there are various types of furniture that we have in our homes. Each furniture needs special attention to last longer, which would indeed lead to the long life of its charm and shine and of-course the durability.

In our next blog we will discuss about the various material types of which interior/ exterior furniture could be made of and majorly covering the –how to take care of each furniture material type in detail.