5 Tips to Beautify an Office Sitting

5 Tips to Beautify an Office Sitting

Since most of the IT industry and other sectors have made it a point that their employees work from home, it becomes all the more important for people working from home to develop an environment for working at home itself.

A workspace, hence comprising of a functional lightweight portable study desk and a good comfortable yet formal looking office chair sums it up all.

The reason why you never cared to think about this before and now you need to, is that earlier you were privileged to have got everything setup as the company took all the care of their employees and their comfort.

So, it’s time we dive into of the must haves features for an “Office Chair” that one should keep in mind while buying.





One thing that really matters to the company while you are working from home is your productivity. Consistency being a major key factor in determing your performance during working hours. So, the more comfortably you are able to stick to your seat, the more longer you will be able to work.

Having said that, I advise you to select chairs having a soft cushiony seat and mesh back ensuring flexibility, preferably the ones with firm base but at the same time have good elasticity and zero stiffness.


Always look for chairs those have features like adjustments for height, seat tilt and swivel mechanism. This would ensure your spine has ease for movement. Chair movements like bending forward and backward tilt at angles makes you more comfortable doing certain tasks while just you are sitting are some look for factor in chairs.

Armrest, needless to say must be such that it gives proper space for your arms to rest and should not be sturdy.


Most importantly, for people who are tall, they need to specifically look for the chairs having good enough height to support their upper body. This will ensure minimizing back problems later in life as you are sitting 8 to 9 hours a day that contributes to almost 37% of a day duration and you must hold yourself accountable for how you maintain your posture.


Fourth factor are the wheels, very basic but if you miss out on this you are definitely going to get stuck later. The smooth movement of a chair is corroborated by the wheels of the chair. Note, the more they offer resistance, the more pain you face in moving your chair.


It provides a good support as and when you feel that your head and neck needs a break. Good cushiony headrest is a boon that comes along with a good office chair.

This is an optional feature, if available it is good if not does not make a very huge difference.

My expert views : I have leather covers in my car seats and that really makes driving for long hours during summers a pain for me. I still regret changing them from fabric to leather. I hope you guys have understood the similarity that I am trying to tell you that’s related to office chair and my car seat and urge you guys to not do this blunder.


We have so far discussed and covered most of the pointers which we must consider while buying office chair for home. I hope you take away something valuable after reading this blog and I hope I am able to make you learn from my experience.

Wish you all safe and productive Work From Home Days !

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